1888 Number to Word Converter

1888 Number to Word Converter 1.0

A program for verbalizing decimal numbers in English
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1888 Number to Word Converter is a simple program developed by 1888softwaredownloads. This program will help you to verbalize decimal numbers in English. All you need to do is enter any number and then press "convert" - and the number will be automatically converted into words. You will be able to convert numbers up to 15 digits long with 15 digits after the decimal point. The program may come in useful in business documents, banking, money transfers, and in many other financial affairs. This program may also help one write scientific research papers, assisting with wording of dates, enormous values, or other sensitive data that requires verbalizing.

The main advantage of using this program is that you will definitely save a considerable amount of time and effort on converting numbers into words, and that you will have comparably accurate and reliable results that you can trust - which is crucial for non-native English speakers. The program is indeed quite precise, except that it does not hyphenate tens and units.

The main limitations of this program are that it doesn't include any options at all and it doesn't support any language other than English.

Marian Zaky
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  • Easy to use


  • Does not hyphenate tens and units
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